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Open Agora polling API

AgoraPI (Agora Polling Interface) offers a set of services related to polling and voting. These services are offered through a public API, in other word a web-service which may be queried by other computer programs or servers. AgoraPI provides simple access to complex voting methods (like Condorcet method, instant-runoff or majority judgement).

We recommend using ranked voting systems, however AgoraPI also allows to create usual polls (majority or approbation polling).

Features of AgoraPI

  • Create a Poll

    A single request to AgoraPI sets the text and the choices of a poll.

  • Manage a Poll

    During the whole poll lifetime it is possible to add or remove choices while preserving existing votes.

  • Manage Voters

    Each voter gets a unique identifier. This identifier can be used to cast a vote or to modify a vote later on.

  • View Results

    AgoraPI produces a graphical result for approbation (majority) and Condorcet polls. Soon, AgoraPI will be enriched with other kinds of results (instant runoff or majority judgement).

    Results are available in real-time.

  • Your Rules

    It is our API, but it is governed by your rules. You are free to manage your users, to allow or forbid multiple choices, to set up a veto system (the possibility to let a user remove a choice completely) or to let choices be reformulated.

    The only limit is your creativity.

  • Create


1000 Queries/month (**)
  • Creation and management of polls
  • Ranked voting
  • Approbation voting
  • Addition and removal of choices at any time
  • Graphical results
  • A single API key
$19 /month (*)
10 000 Queries/month (**)
  • Starter features
  • Unlimited poll duration
  • Unlimited access to previous polls
  • $1 for each 1000 queries after the first 10 000
  • Customizable graphical results
  • Your own logo within the graphical results
  • 10 API keys
$99 /month (*)
200 000 Queries/month (**)
  • Premium features
  • $1 for each 10 000 queries after the first 200 000
  • Customizable extra features
  • Advanced customization of graphical results
  • Unlimited API keys

(*): This price corresponds to an annual subscription of $228 for premium and $1188 for entreprise. Monthly subscription, without minimal duration, costs $22 for premium and $114 for entreprise.

(**): A query corresponds, for instance, to the creation of a poll with its choices, to the addition of choices, to the vote of an user, or to the computation of the latest results. Only successful queries are taken into account. Furthermore, accessing the graphical charts does not count as a query.


Early access to AgoraPI


In order to use AgoraPI you first need to register (see pricing)! Once you are registered you get an API key which identifies each of your queries to AgoraPI.

Early Access

Currently, registration to AgoraPI is limited: it is an early access campaign. This access allows to use freely (for a limited period of time) features of the premium access to AgoraPI.

In order to join the early access campain, please click on the button below.

AgoraPI Reference

Restful API model

AgoraPI implements a RESTful API model conforming to industry best practices, making it straightforward to use. Exchanged data follow another web standard: json.


In order to jump into AgoraPI, we have written a starting guide. It may be the right place to start your interaction with AgoraPI.

Executable reference

We have set up an exhaustive interactive documentation.

Curl command line calls are integrated within this documentation, in order to facilitate manual interactions with AgoraPI.

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