AgorAPI Privacy Policy

AgorAPI ​wants to keep most of the User Experience within your own application. Hence we receive and store the minimum amount of data on our servers.

Stored Data

We first keep the email address used for the registration process (in order to be able to contact you if a problem occurs). We also store the data relative to users' polls (including the polls' labels, possible answers and votes). This enables our users to change and to review their votes. We only have access to emails or real names of voters if they send it to us.

At any time, upon a user request, we may remove her data from our servers entirely.

Third-party Services

Open Agora servers are hosted by OVH a French hosting company. Our services are deployed on privately-run Debian machines, using Docker isolated containers (and other open source technologies).

Advertising — Data sharing

Open Agora is committed to avoid advertisements.

Furthermore, Open Agora does not share any of its customers data with other companies. And we are committed to keep it that way.


This privacy policy may change over time. In case of a major change we will let you know and give you the opportunity to opt-out!