Instant Agora: Poll Solution for a Better Understanding of your Comunities

Instant Agora is a simple solution for fast online polls.

You simply have to share the poll link with your communities for them to participate. The poll may be answered on a computer but it also has a responsive interface for smartphones and other devices.

Instant Agora Logo
Instant Agora Logo

Instant Agora Main Features

  • Fast. Instant Agora enables fast groups polls and votes.
  • Simple. Instant Agora is a simple solution for the creation of polls and votes and also for participating.
  • Balanced. Instant Agora enables balanced expression of opinions (with the ranking of propositions).
  • Precise. Instant Agora synthesises precisely consensus.

Early access to Instant Agora

Instant Agora is currently in early access period. If you wish to try Instant Agora right now, please register to our (low-traffic) newsletter below, we will send you a connection link as soon as available.

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