Open Agora poll in Microsoft Teams

Create Polls in Microsoft Teams

Ask questions to your teammates directly in your conversations threads.

Mention our bot @OpenAgora and interact with it to build your surveys.

Follow in real time the votes result with the graphs attached to the poll.

Manage your polls in the Open Agora tab

For easier interactions with the application add the Open Agora tab to your channels.

  • View all your polls reports in one place.
  • Enjoy graphical poll participation rates.
  • Create and manage your polls accross channels.
  • and more to come!
Open Agora for Teams tab
Open Agora poll in Microsoft Teams

Unleash your team voices with unlimited polls and voters

Install now our premium application so that you do not need to worry about the size of your teams and number of polls.

Use Open Agora polls to its full potential and let the ideas flow!

Vote for your favorite picture!

Images are perfect to stimulate creativity and maximize your team engagement.

Use image polls for graphics selection, advertising campaigns, product launches, design choices… you name it!

Easily publish image polls instead of plain text directly in your team conversations.

Image poll for Teams

Features and prices



Free forever

  • Creation and management of polls
  • Addition and removal of choices at any time
  • Analytics tab & Graphical result
  • Approbation voting
  • 3 simultaneous polls
  • Up to 7 days polls
  • Up to 10 voters per poll
  • Up to 10 choices per poll


  • A specific project?
Privacy for Open Agora


We don’t read your Teams conversations, our bot (@OpenAgora) will only interact if mentioned.

To identify polls and votes, we store team and user information (names, ids, email addresses) but we are committed to using this data only to ensure the correct behavior of the application.

More details in our Open Agora app privacy policy.

Learn more about polling features

Check out our support page.