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Getting started with Open Agora polls

Thanks for installing the Open Agora polling application for Microsoft Teams!

We’ve prepared this user help to guide you step by step in creating and managing your first polls.

Install the Open Agora tab

Choose a Teams chat and click on the + Button located on the right of the upper menu.

Select the “Open Agora” tab and save it.

Microsoft Teams help: add the Open Agora tab

You now have a new tab pinned to your menu: Open Agora polls.

Microsoft Teams help: the open Agora tab

This tab is your dashboard for all the team’s polls. You can:

  • Quickly access your last poll,
  • View all the team’s polls statistics,
  • Analyse all the team’s polls results,
  • Create a new poll,
  • Upgrade to Premium, to use our application without limits.

Create your first poll in Microsoft Teams chat

There are 2 ways to create a poll in the chat: either using the ‘New poll‘ button from the tab, the tab, or by mentionning the @OpenAgora bot in your Microsoft Teams conversation.

Create a poll from the application tab

Click on the “New poll” button and fill in all information needed for your poll:

  • The poll title should be logically a question
  • The possible choices. You can add more lines if you need. Consider upgrading to our premium version to have unlimited choices.
  • Single choice votes option prevents voters to select more than one option.
  • Poll lifetime: with the free app your poll is open for a maximum of 7 days. Upgrading to premium will let you set a longer lifetime.
Microsoft Teams help: create a new poll from the Open Agora tab.
  • Premium users have an extra option: Anonymous votes which prevent disclosure of votes contents. The list of voters, however is public... as long as there are at least 3 voters.
Microsoft Teams help: Premium Options

Click on “Create” and voilà, your new poll will appear in the Teams chat.

Microsoft Teams help: a new poll appears in the Teams chat

Create a new poll by mentioning the @OpenAgora bot

Go to the chat where you want to create a poll, and type the following syntax to interact with our bot:

this is my question? This is choice 1, this is choice 2, this is choice 3

Note that with this syntax, the separation of the polls elements is based on punctuation:

  • The title is identified with the question mark (?)
  • The choices are identified with commas (,)

Here’s another syntax using quotation marks:

“this is my question?” “This is choice 1” “This is choice 2” “This is choice 3”

Your polls will appear in the Teams chat.

Vote for a poll, manage choices

To vote, just reach the poll and just select your preferred choice(s). Cast your vote by clicking on ”👍 submit vote”.

By clicking on several options you may vote for more than one choice.

Microsoft Teams help: cast a vote with Open Agora application

If you wish to remove or change your vote, click again on ”👍 submit vote” without selecting anything, this will cancel your vote. At that point you may cast your vote again.

You, and anyone on your team, can add propositions to the poll, by clicking on ”+ Add a poll choice”.

View polls results

As soon as the first vote is cast, under the poll a new window will appear, containing the result graphs.

The graph will update real time each time a vote is submitted.

Microsoft Teams help: view the Ppen Agora poll result graph.

You can click on the title “Result” to view the graph in bigger size in a new web page. Then from that page you may also download the graph as an image.

Click on the “Show details” buton to display the voters’ names as well as thei choice(s).

Microsoft Team help: display Open Agora polls voters and choices.

As for the result, details are displayed after the first user votes, and are kept updated after each new vote.

Depending on the number of choices and voters, the application selects the most appropriate display mode (by voter, or by choice).

You may also access turnout and results in the Open Agora tab.

Edit (Premium), close, re-open, duplicate (Premium), delete a poll

Edit a poll

In Premium version, the poll author can change the title and the choices from the tab. Just go to the poll you wish to edit and click on the button called “Actions” located on the right of the poll’s title. Then select “Edit” and the poll edition form will open again so that you can change any of the contents.

Microsoft Teams help: edit the poll from the Open Agora tab.

These actions can be performed also by interacting with the bot.

To edit the title, type:

rename title your new poll title

To edit a choice, type:

rename choice 1 name to new choice 1 name

  Warning: Poll can be edited only if no vote has been registered. If you need to edit the title or the choice, you need to as your team to remove their votes, and then you will be able to edit the poll.

Close a poll

A poll will close automatically after 7 days (free version of the app) or after the number of days you have set at creation. You could also close earlier the poll once everyone has voted.

There are 2 ways to close a poll: from the tab or by mentioning the bot.

From the tab, just go to the poll you wish to close and click on the button called “Actions” located on the right of the poll’s title. Then select “Close” A new notification ‘Poll is closed‘ will appear in the chat, just underneath the poll.

To close a poll with the bot, just answer on the caht with the following syntax:


If you type this sentence as a new message and not in response, this action will close the last poll open in that channel.

Re-open a poll

The poll author can re-open it before it expires. From the tab and the “Actions” menu, click on “Open“.

Microsoft Teams help: re-open a poll from the Open Agora tab.

Also mentioning the bot, in response to the poll, just type:


The poll author can delete the poll (warning, this action cannot be undone and you will lose all the polls’ information!) by mentioning the bot this way:


Please note that to be deleted a poll must be closed first.

Duplicate a poll (premium)

Using the action menu, premium users may create a copy of any poll into the current channel.

Microsoft Teams help: Copy a poll from the Open Agora tab

Create image polls (Premium)

Instead of describing choices with text, you can create visual polls using images!

To do so just create a new poll from the Open Agora polls.

Microsoft Teams help: create an image poll from the Open Agora tab.

For each choice, choose if necessary a description and then paste the image location URL.

You can also create the image poll through line command using the same syntax as for a text poll create.

Share your poll creation expertise with your team members

Now you know every trick of Open Agora polls for Microsoft Teams it is time you share your power with fellow teams so that you can create polls as well. Here’s a few best practices:

  • Start by adding the Open Agora Polls tab;
  • Create polls from the tab, or by mentioning the bot with the correct syntax;
  • Each polls author should manage and tidy up his own polls from the tab.

Share with your team this help page so that they can become polls wizards too!

Get help

At any time you may get access to the help many by mentioning the bot this way:


The bot will answer by listing all commands available and their syntax.

If you have any trouble using Open Agora polling application, or you just wish to get in touch with us, just contact the team.

We are constantly working to improve our application, help us decide which features should we prioritary develop answering this poll:

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