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Create Polls in Slack

Simple and Rich

Open Agora extends Slack with a fully-integrated poll system. It provides two equivalent commands, /poll and /agora, that let users create polls in channels.

This application implements classical majority result but it also computes Condorcet result (see for example our blog post on this topic). In order to obtain this result you simply have to rank choices according to your preferences.

Using our application is fairly straightforward and you can find help on our documentation and support page.

One-click Installation

We only ask for your email address before installing the app in Slack (you may use a single address to register several teams).

contacting server…

Empty email address

Invalid email address

Installation failed, please try again later or use a different email address.

Email successfully sent, please check your inbox (including spam folder) and click on the installation link.

Screenshot of Open Agora in Slack
Screenshot of Open Agora in Slack


Once you allow Open Agora to access your Slack team, we will only configure commands /poll and /agora for you. Thus, apart from what you type using these commands, we will not be able to read any of your team information or channel contents.

More details in our Open Agora Slack app’s privacy policy.