Make the right decision with Open Agora polls for Slack

  • Ask questions to your team directly within Slack channels.

  • Interact with the bot /agora ands publish immediately your poll using the dialogue box.

  • Tailor your polls to your exact needs with many options and features, and follow the vote results in real time.

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Creation of a poll with Open Agora in Slack
Condorcet result for best consensus

Reach better consensus using ranks

At open Agora we strongly promote alternative voting methods, like the Condorcet voting system. Such methods take into account every voter’s preferences. They enable to reach consensus very quickly.

  • Voters can select more than one choice and express their preferences using ranks.

  • Results can be displayed using classic majority or Condorcet method.

Let the members of your team express their opinions with state-of-the-art polls

Every Open Agora subscription includes:

  • Unlimited poll creators
  • Unlimited poll voters
  • Every member of your Slack workspace may launch a poll
  • Every member of a Slack channel may respond to a poll

Expand your possibilities with the Premium subscription's exclusive features:

  • Anonymous polls
  • Unlimited choices
  • Polls with choice images
  • Advanced choice ranking or evaluation
Several options for more accurate polls
Real time results in Slack

Follow your poll results in real time

  • Visualize your polls statistics directly under the poll, within Slack channels.

  • Instantly read results with refreshing graphs with each vote

  • Analyze the vote details and the voters.

Features and prices



Free forever

  • Unlimited poll creators
  • Unlimited voters per poll
  • Creation and management of polls
  • Real time graphical result
  • Multiple or single choice vote
  • 8 polls per month
  • Up to 7 days polls
  • Up to 10 choices per poll
  • Support within Slack
    (Answer within 48 business hours)


  • A specific project?

Each month our polling application in Slack is used by thousands of teams, of various size and origins, in order to collect feedback, enable collaboration and foster common knowledge.

Open Agora polls for marketing teams

Marketing and product teams

Open Aggora polls for dev teams

Engineering and development teams

Open Agora polls for cross functions

Project teams

Privacy for Open Agora


We don’t read your channel conversations, our bot (/agora) will only interact if mentioned.

To identify polls and votes, we store workspace and user information (names, ids) but we are committed to using this data only to ensure the correct behavior of the application.

More details in our Open Agora app privacy policy.

Learn more about polling features

Check out our support page.