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Getting started with Open Agora polls

Thanks for installing the Open Agora polling application for Slack!

We’ve prepared this user help to guide you step by step in creatindg and managing your first polls.

Install the Open Agora Application

To set up Open Agora for Slack you have several possibilities:

Create your first poll in Slack with Open Agora

There are 2 ways to create a poll in a channel: either using the “Other Action” button on the top right of any message (see below, you might have to search for Open Agora the first time).

Poll creation with Slack Action button

You may also create a poll by typing /agora in your message bar. You can also use the /poll command, strictly equivalent to the /agora command. However, there is a risk of conflict for some users who installed other polling apps, thus overloading this command. If in doubt, use /agora.

Either way you will access to the following interactive form:

Interactive poll creation in Slack

Once your hit the “create” button, your poll is not published yet. You may still modify it and select options in the following message:

Admin message for poll creation

This message is only visible to the poll creator. It allows you to add choices, to modify the question by clicking on “Edit” at the top right, to edit or delete any choice by clicking on ··· to the right of it.

You may also choose from the following options:

  • The “Single choice vote” option prohibits all participants from choosing more than one choice (for each rank if pultiple rank option is selected).
  • The “Multiple rank” option, available to premium users only, allows voters to rank their choice in order of preference (the first choice being the preferred choice). The result is the consensus computed from the Condorcet voting method
  • The “Anonymous” option, available to premium users only, ensures anonymous voting. On the other hand, the list of users who voted is available. To ensure the anonymity of the vote, the result is only displayed when at least 3 votes have been cast.

Hit “Publish” when your poll is ready. Everyone in the channel will see a message similar to this one (the look may change according to the actual Options selected):

Poll message within Slack

Create a poll by mentioning the @OpenAgora bot

Place yourself in the conversation for which you want to start a poll, and write using this syntax in order to interact correctly with our bot:

new “yourpoll”

At this point, you obtain the following message:

Microsoft Teams help: cast a vote with Open Agora application

Now, you just have to add choices by clicking on ":visage_avec_monocle Add choice".

Warning! To create polls by mentioning the bot, you must first invite the Open Agora bot into the channel. Also, you cannot conduct a poll by mentioning the bot in direct messages.

Create image polls (Premium)

Instead of describing choices with text, you can create visual polls using images!

To do so, you have two solutions. You can create a new poll and indicate, for each choice, if necessary a description and then the URL of the image as follows: “choice 1 [image address]”. You can also directly specify the URL of the image location.

Or, you can start by creating a command line poll by simply typing:

“your question”

Thus, you will get a visible message only through you. Then simply click on ":visage_avec_monocle Add choice". and this dialog box will appear:

Slack support: add a choice

Fill in the “choice” location with the description of your image and the “image” location with the URL of your image.

Thus, after publishing your poll, you obtain the following message:

Slack support: poll by image

Vote for a poll, manage choices

To vote, simply click on the “Select” button of the desired choice in the published message. By clicking on several buttons, you select several choices.

If you wish to modify or cancel your choices, simply click on the “Select” button of the choices you wish to modify (or cancel).

You and all your team members can add choice proposals by clicking on ":visage_avec_monocle Add choice"

Vote for a Multiple Rank Poll (Premium)

To vote with a “Multiple ranks” poll, simply click on the “Select rank” drop-down menu and choose the rank that suits you best. Details of voters appear below the answers up to rank 3.

Microsoft Teams help: create an image poll from the Open Agora tab.

Warning! : since ranks with no selected choices cannot exist (having choices at rank 1 and choices at rank 3 would be the same as having choices at ranks 1 and 2), if at some point you remove all the choices of a given rank, the application will automatically “compact” your ranks.

View polls results

As soon as the first vote is cast, under the poll a new window will appear, containing the result graphs.

The graph will update real time each time a vote is submitted. Voter details are listed directly below the answers.

For a basic poll (without “multiple ranks” option) the results will appear as follows:

Slack support: simple poll

For a multiple ranks poll, the results that appear are calculated using the Condorcet algorithm. Condorcet provides choices ranked from the most consensual to the least. This list takes into account all the ranks in the vote of each voter. It helps to bring out the consensus. Your results will appear as follows:

It helps to bring out the consensus. Your results will appear as follows:

Slack support: simple poll

What does Condorcet Mean (Premium)

Voters may cast several votes ranked by preference (the first ranks being used for the preferred choices). The Condorcet method is an approach that takes into account every voter’s preferences.When they differ, the Condorcet winner is a better choice than the simple majority. For example, consider a poll with 3 choices A, B and C,16 voters who are invited to rank these choices according to their preferences. We obtain the following results:

  • Assume that 5 voters rank A before B before C
  • Assume that 7 voters rank C before B before A
  • Assume that 4 voters rank B avant A avant C

Obviously the majority winner is C, with 7 votes (vs A, 5 votes and B, 4 votes). The Condorcet winner is B for the following reason:

  • B is before A 11 times (7 CBA and 4 BAC), A is before B 5 times (5 ABC), so B is better than A.
  • B is before C 9 times (5 ABC and 4 BAC), C is before B 7 times (7 CBA), so B is better than C.

The Condorcet method is, also, very efficient to break equality for a small group of voters (and when it does not, it really means that each solution is equally good for the voters). For example, the screenshots in this question underline this. The majority yields three choices with equal score, however, for Condorcet, choice 2 is the best choice.

In order to find the Condorcet winner, we use Schulze’s method.This method helps breaking equality in many cases.

For a deeper introduction to Condorcet voting system take a look at our blog post on this topic.

Share your poll creation expertise with your team members

Now you know every trick of Open Agora polls for Slack it is time you share your power with fellow teams so that you can create polls as well. Here’s a few best practices:

  • They can create polls at any time in any channel.
  • You can then create a poll from the Other Actions button, or from the command line.
  • You can have several consultations in the same channel, private or public.
  • With the Freemium version, you can create up to 8 polls per month.

Share with your team this help page so that they can become polls wizards too!

Get help

At any time you may get access to the help many by mentioning the bot, write:


The bot will answer you and display this message:

Slack support: help window.

You can manage your polls only with the buttons, however if you wish it is possible to obtain the orders by line by clicking on " :visage_avec_monocle Show me! ".

You obtain the following message:

Slack support: Advanced commands.

Direct support within Slack (chat with us)

At any time you may startup a conversation directly with our team, simply write:


This will transform the bot's private channel into a chat with us:

Slack support: support command creates an interactive chat.

Afterwards this chat channel connects you directly with us. You may tell us your questions or suggestions we will answer within twelve business hours (given that we are European time, it may be much quicker if your close to us). At any time you may use the Stop button to terminate the conversation. Eventually the conversation looks like this:

Slack support: conversing with us.

If you have any trouble using Open Agora polling application, or you just wish to get in touch with us, just use the support command!

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