In ancient Athens, citizens gathered at the Agora to discuss and make big decisions.

Today, Open Agora empowers companies to make decisions based on collective opinions.

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Get collective feedback after your actions.

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Balanced opinions expressed with a ranked vote.

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Make choices based on the synthesis of collective opinions.

What does Open Agora provide?

Open Agora provides tools for the synthesis of collective opinions.

Open Agora offers a complete, easy-to-use polling application for Slack (a powerful team discussion tool that is used by thousands of companies all around the world). This application improves team communication, by enabling feedback and easy collective decisions.

Open Agora also provides a full-featured polling and voting API. This API may be embeded into intranets, corporate networks or marketing platforms.


How to use our products

Open Agora products capture and synthesize collective opinions.

  • Customers: understand the needs and expectations of your customers.
  • Teams: rally partners and collaborators and be more efficient on the course of projects.

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Get accurate feedback from your clients or partners (for example after a meeting). Improve community commitment.

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Use ranked polling methods (Condorcet, instant runoff, majority judgement, …) to reach consensus.

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Gather collective opinions and obtain analysis on these opinions to make the best choice. For example, choose the most accepted design or the most wanted feature by your customers.

I use Slack and want to setup Open Agora:

Open Agora for Slack

I want to integrate a polling API on my platform:

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Create Polls in Slack

Simple and Rich

Open Agora extends Slack with a fully-integrated polling system. Synthesize your teammates opinion, with quick decision making. Open Agora for Slack also enables creative thinking by anonymously collecting ideas and performing a vote based on these ideas.

About us

Benoît is the technical pilot. He directs and organizes our architectures.

Benoît Masson

Chief Technology Officer

Christophe is leading this company. He interacts with partners, clients and users.

Christophe Morvan

Chief Executive Officer

Olivier is building products. He leads our development and ensures that these products are up and working.

Olivier Bache

Chief Product Officer

The Open Agora company has been created early in 2017.

We want to offer a collection of online tools for collective decision making. We also wish to promote the use of alternative voting systems like Condorcet or instant runoff. We want to help people experience efficient discussions, dicussions that lead to action.

Open Agora thanks its partners